Your focus is your power, or it’s your kryptonite.

Your focus has the power to accelerate your goals to increase your life.


When you focus a magnifying glass on the ground with sunlight going through, it can start a fire and burn down everything around it.


When you get focused on your goal, it has the power to burn off everything in your life that doesn’t serve you.


However, if you lose that focus and get distracted, it has the power to magnify the things you dont want in your life, thus becoming your kryptonite.


Have you ever been so focused on your goal that one day you looked in the mirror and thought, when did the change happen? I feel so good; I look so good. At what moment did this happen?


Well, it can be the same for comparison. You put the magnifying glass on someone else’s journey, and all you see is where you lack or that you are not enough in some area. You’ve magnified someone else and made yourself feel small, and it cripples you.


Your focus is your power.

So make you’re starting a fire and not creating your kryptonite.


Your transformation coach