You once dreamed of being where you are now


Are you tracking your progress? If you are not tracking, it can be really easy to see no progress!


Trust me; you do not want to get stuck in perfectionism’s mindset and see things as never good enough.


This mindset is a mighty dark mindset and will take you down to the most bottomless darkest pits.


On my iPhone, apple will bring up memories in my pictures, and I will go down memory lane. I now see how good I looked and how hard I was working in those pictures, but I never saw it. I was trapped in this dark mindset of never enough.


I know to let those be gentle reminders to remove the blinders.

I will say out loud; God, remove the distorted mirrors from my eyes.


I say this sometimes a few times a day.


When my younger self was striving for where I am right now, there was lots of hard work to get myself to this place.


That’s why in the FCB, I am constantly reminding the FC babes that mindset is the most important part.

Your mind can blind you to the blessing if you are not careful.


Be thankful every day. This will remove any distorted mirrors to your body, thoughts and life.


I believe in you, you can do this!!


Your Transformation coach