What are you focused on?

What are you focused on?

Are you focused on all the times you failed or let yourself down? If you focus on that, you will live in pain and suffer and never move.

So if you’ve failed in the past, you may have let yourself down, but it will be ok.

The only way to move past those hurts is to look at those moments and learn from them. What didn’t you do then? Why didn’t it work?

Most times, it’s because we are impatient and driven by instant gratification. Diet culture will set us up for this all-or-nothing mentality, and it’s not sustainable.

It’s not your fault; you are not a failure; you were just not informed.

The most important thing to realize through this journey is that you are in this with YOU! No one else!

You can’t cheat the process or speed it up. You must be willing to be honest with where you are, forgive yourself, and make the necessary adjustments.

Like any relationship in life, it requires honesty, trust, communication, and forgiveness.

Make this your year to become best friends with YOU! Restore that relationship and change that story!


Coach Hannah