Tomorrow won’t be different unless you start now

Procrastination is a liar! 

It will tell you there is a better day, time, year, setting, circumstance.

It will tell you you are supposed to feel these magical feelings and know it’s time.

The best thing you can do is start before you feel ready because you will never feel ready; you need to learn to leap.

When I was younger, we would go to these beautiful lakes with cliffs that you could climb and jump into the water.  

The more I would stand there and look over, the less I wanted to jump, so I would tell myself to count, but that never worked either I would chicken out. 

It’s only when I ran towards the cliff and just took the leap that I did it.

What can you do right now? Can you go for a walk? Make a healthy lunch? Schedule your workouts in or find a workout program.

Start now, dont wait, and when tomorrow comes, you will be one step closer.

Your Transformation coach