The ugly truth


I like to call the ugly truth—the truth no one likes to hear but is everywhere in the health and fitness industry.

To the ones that have lost weight but never worked on their mindset
To the ones that transformed the outside but forgot the inside
To the ones that make food the enemy
To the ones that are afraid to build muscle
To the ones that are afraid to lose muscle
To the ones that were never taught how to have a relationship with themselves first
To the ones that speak poorly about themself
To the ones that lost weight and are afraid of gaining it all back
To the ones afraid of the scale
To the ones afraid to gain weight weight
To ones thinking they have to do hours of cardio
To the ones that take laxatives every night to relive the binge they just had
To the ones that dont take rest days
To the ones stuck in comparison that they miss the blessing of their existence and their purpose.
To the ones that take diet pills
To the ones that take steroids
To the ones that feel like they need more cosmetic or plastic surgery
To those who think more is more, it’s never enough, and they never feel good enough!




The truth is if you do not work on your mindset and build a relationship with yourself first, it doesn’t matter what type of body you have, and it will never be enough.

You will go to the extremes trying to fix what you think is broken when in reality, you are taring down everything that makes you beautiful.

It will lead you deeper and farther away from who you truly are. It will warp your reality of what beauty and health are.

You cant build a house on the stand and expect it to stand, for the trials that come will reveal the foundation you built your house on.


If you do not work on your relationship with yourself first and build your mindset, it doesn’t matter what you try to achieve it will only get more distorted the farther you go.

  • You will lose weight, and you still won’t feel good.
  • You will build the muscle and obsesses you’re losing if you take a rest day or dont get your meal in.
  • You will be afraid to eat carbs because you are not sure you can stop once you start.
  • You will continue to take diet pills even though they interfere with your quality of life because you’re scared you will gain all the weight back.
  • You will continue to do steroids because you were too desperate and impatient to do it the right way. And now your hormones and relationships suffer.
  • You will continue to pick yourself apart here and there and inject what you think will make you happier, only to see more imperfections.
  • You will get plastic surgery more and more only to feel more insecure and thus leave you with the feeling of needing more and more.


The need to feed your quick fixes and insecurities will only leave you with a hunger that you cannot satisfy, like a drug addict to heroin. The more you do only drives you deeper into the addiction.

The more you feed “NOT ENOUGH,” the hungrier the craving gets, but it never satisfies you. It suffocates your soul and leaves you feeling dead and lost inside, with no direction or purpose.

If you dont first work on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you change on the outside; you will never accomplish what you truly desire, and that is to love yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

The narrow road leads to life, but the wide road only leads to death.

Do you feel like you are living or dying?

The choice is always in your control.


Your Transformation coach,

Hannah Dawson