Patience is a mindset

Patience is not the simple ability to wait; it’s our attitude while we wait.

Joyce Myer

We know that what we are working for is coming but sometimes, it’s the waiting that prepares us for the thing we want. If you got your goal right now without having to build the mindset and do the work, you wouldn’t know how to sustain it because the process and Patience we learn through the journey prepare us for what we want.

It’s the process of building a patient mindset that makes us stronger and wiser. Anything worth having takes time, and what you do with your time will determine the outcome. Some of us feel like we never reach our goal, and it’s not that we can’t.

It’s that you dont wait long enough; you get a side track with distractions that promise you” instant results,” so after trying their magic formula for an instant, you realize it was an illusion all along, and now you feel even father behind.

So being patient means reminding yourself that you need to focus less on the outcome and more on the present moment.

What choices and mindset are you creating at this very moment? Are your thoughts and behaviour right now moving you closer to your goal? Or farther?

Remember, Patience is a mindset that will get stronger as you train it with a positive attitude.

Do you struggle with patience, or is it a strength? write in your journal

Coach Hannah