Discipline has no room for feelings

DISCIPLINE doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it

You will soon realize with discipline that there is no room for feelings.  You can’t go by the way you feel, or you’ll never do what you need to do and reach your goal.

  • You will never feel like meal prepping when its time
  • You will not feel like working out when its time
  • You won’t feel like turning off Netflix when its time to sleep
  • You won’t feel like getting up when your alarm goes off
  • You won’t want to input your macros before you eat

That’s why writing your goals and your WHY is so important. It’s so you can create a plan that will move past feelings into action. When you have your goals, it will move from I don’t want to…

  • Scheduling your prep days for food
  • Scheduling your workouts
  • Going to bed 30-60 minutes early
  • Eating the food on a plan because you took the time to prep/ and or input all of it into MFP

Doing this will create momentum and confidence and eventually become a habit, but you must first create discipline.

Remember, you can do this – just focus on one chapter at a time.


Coach Hannah