Consistency requires planning

Without a plan, consistency will be extremely difficult.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Having a plan set in place is like safeguarding your consistency. When you have your workout plan, a meal plan, it makes it easier to follow through even when you dont feel like it.

If you have no workout or meal plan and your goal is to lose weight or get healthier, it will be extremely hard to move forward or stick to anything.

It’s like going into the grocery store with no list and trying to figure out what food you need; you are more likely to buy the stuff you dont need and waste your time and money.

The Fit Club takes all the planning for you and hands it all neatly wrapped up, so you dont have to make that decision; the only decision you have to make is to show up and keep showing up.

Have you ever tried to reach a goal without a plan? What happened? Share your thoughts.


Coach Hannah