FIN30 4x

This program will sculpt and shape every muscle on your body.

This program is for the beginner to advanced. Fit in 30 x 4 is an upper-body & lower body split workout program this way you get each workout to really focus on the glutes and legs or Arms, ABS, back and chest.

This is great for a beginner getting into the routine of working out and building consistent fitness habits.

It’s also great for intermediate to advanced one who is busy but still wants to get their workout in. The workouts are 30 minutes each and there are 4 workouts a week for a total of 8 weeks.

There are 2 Phases to this program and each phase is a minimum of 4 weeks. This gives you a chance to learn the movements and build progress overload through those weeks.

Each phase builds on the next so whether you are a beginner or advanced you both need to start at phase one.

Make sure you complete your fit test first as well as tracking your workouts each week including the weights and how you felt. As each week you will progress and feel stronger and more confident.

Trust me it will be so motivating to see your progress improve each week.

TAKE YOUR FITTEST HERE: your fit test printable form is found in the workout notes

Get your PLAN DO SUCCEED journal HERE

PH2: Lower body

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