This program works in 2 phases with 6 workouts each week. Each phase lasts 4 weeks. This means the first week will always be a reset. You will learn the moves of figuring out your challenging weights, and in the next 3 weeks, you will focus on building and getting stronger with that exercise.

When it comes to building muscle, your nutrition is huge, and you must track your calories and macros on my fitness pal.

Pick the recipes from the FCB library or meal plan that you love and stick to what is easy.

Results come from consistency; you must show up every day and give that day your best in your mindset, nutrition & training.

Make sure you track your workouts write them down, and challenge that weight each workout.

Check-ins are a must, so make sure you do your picture, weight, body% – of you can questionnaire and goals. This is found in your dashboard under the progress tracker.

You can print off 48 pages, and this will give you a page for each workout to record your weights and track your workouts, as well as your fittest recorder.




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