Your direction is more important than your speed

We live in an instant world where the diet industry has programmed us to think we can get quick results for our health and fitness goals.


When reaching your health and fitness goals, your direction is way more important than your speed. You could be going super fast in the wrong direction only to realize you have to go back to the beginning again and start over.


Where do you want to end up? What relationship with your body would you like to have? What habits would you like to have?


You see, you stay focused on the end goal and how you want it to look; it will be easier to navigate and not get pulled into the diet mentality that tells you faster in better.


If anything promises you a quick fast solution, RUN!!! I’m serious; the only thing you will receive quickly is everything that will hinder growth.


Results take time, and you have to come to terms with that. The less time you spend trying to take shortcuts, the faster you will get to your goal.


Just as you can’t walk into a gym and start lifting the heaviest weight,  pop a baby out right away, or work one day and get rich quickly.

Anything in life worthwhile has a process, you, I, and everyone else has to go through.

NO one, and I mean NO one, gets to escape that we all have to go through it.

Your transformation coach