Your actions open doors and consistency keeps them open

Starting a program is your first step, and it’s like opening the door to your dreams & goals to see all the possibilities. But unfortunately, that’s not what get’s your results.

You have a goal, and that’s great, but that goal will require you to create rituals that you repeat daily until you reach your goal.

That repetition is called consistency; your health goal, body goal, and mindset goal will require consistency. That consistency has to be repeated daily to keep the doors open to reaching your goal.

That’s why it’s so important to start small; start with one thing you can apply to your current lifestyle to enhance your energy and mood.

Eating breakfast when you wake could be something you want to become more consistent in; maybes it’s doing a 30-minute workout daily or even just 3 x a week? Maybe it’s starting a morning routine for 5 minutes or even just 1x a week.

The goal should be to create momentum and not exhaustion; when trying to build consistency, we dont want to try everything at once because that will lead to exhaustion and discouragement. If you start with one thing and build on that, it will create momentum, and momentum creates energy, and when you have energy, you feel good.

Coach Hannah