You are who you practice to be

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

Do you feel you are the person you want to be?

If not, then WHY? What is tripping you up?


You will not become the person you want to be by chance; you need to rewrite the story in your mind and start showing up as her every day.


Only you have the power to make this happen, no one else.



CHANGE YOUR STORY, Rewrite it. If what your living isn’t what you want, then you have the power to change that.

I like to do this practice when I sit down and write out I’d feel if I met my doppelganger. If she was everything I dreamed of being, everything from lifestyle to character, habits, beliefs, tone of voice, body.

This is a really powerful tool; then you will ask yourself, what’s one thing I can do to start showing up like her?

And start modelling the behaviour and actions of your highest self.

Ladies, you have to do this; if you spend hours on social media comparing yourself to people you dont even know, STOP.

Instead, take that time and start envisioning your highest self and focus on becoming that YOU.


You transformation coach,