You are what you repeatably do

Consistency can be a double-edged sword; it can work for you or against you.

You are what you repeatably do; who you are now is diercetly from your daily habits.

Are your habits a result of fear or a result of faith? It can bestiary to construe to be consistent in the things that are moving you forward but are not producing the results as fast as you would. This is where you need to have faith to keep pushing forward, or you will fall into fear and try and change things leading you in the opposite direction you want.

Faith believes that what you’re working towards is coming; fear is believing that if it’s not happening fast enough, it’s not working.

You will have to choose faith over fear and keep being consistent even when you don’t see the physical results yet.

When fear starts to take over, I check in with myself and find evidence that what Im doing is working.

It looks like this:

I rate myself from a 1-10( 1 being not good, 10 being amazing)

  • Have I been doing all my workouts?
  • Do I feel stronger?
  • Have I been on point with my nutrition? At least 80%?
  • Have I been working on my mindset every day?
  • Have I felt happier/mentally?
  • Have I been sleeping well?
  • Has my energy been good daily?

Once I’ve gone through this, I usually start to feel better, and if there’s an area below 80%, I focus on that area.

In the FCB, we do weekly/ bi-weekly check-ins that go through a version like the above. This is important because this is a journey, and it will require you to reflect and check in with yourself weekly and sometimes daily.


Coach Hannah