What you focus on magnifies

This is so powerful, and the soon you take it seriously, the sooner you can change anything you want in your life.

Whether you focus on what you want or dont want, both will act like magnets in your life.

I used to think I had bad like I was dealt this shitty hand in life and had such a bad attitude. My focus was always on my bad luck; my attitude was poor. Therefore I attracted more of that into my life. The more I felt sorry for myself, that’s all my eyes began to see, confirming I was right.


A woman wanting to get pregnant starts to see pregnant women everywhere she goes.

Let’s say you want to buy a certain car, and you start seeing that car everywhere. This is just an example of what you focus on; you start seeing more of it in your life.


In the FCB, I try and get all the Fit club babes to track their workouts because it changes their focus from the weight on the scale to the gym weights; their focus chances, and now they have created a small win each day.


When you are focused on the good things, you will create more good things.


Your Transformation coach

Hannah xo