The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit

So much wisdom in this message!

The day you set the goal is not the day you reap the benefits; you have to earn that by taking care of your body through mindset, nutrition and training.

When you plant a seed, it’s not a guarantee that it will produce!

That’s totally up to you too. Was it good soil? are you watering it every day? is it getting the right amount of sunshine?

With your body, just because you have a goal does not mean you will achieve it!

The soil for the seed is the same as your mindset for your goal.

Is it a smart goal? Meaning, is it right for you and can you achieve it?

Now that you have a goal with a plan, you’ve to provide the soil for your seed to grow, but for that goal to grow and to see results, you must move your body each day, nourish your body with quality nutrition, you must hydrate your body, get proper sleep and you must feed your mind daily.

Just like you can’t water your seed once and leave it, it is just like you can’t do something for one day and expect a result; you cant train for 5 hours a day and think it will last a week, just like you can’t overwater your seed and expect it to speed up the process.

There is a process for everything in life, and we have to learn there are no shortcuts.

Are you taking off that goal you first set out to achieve? Are you doing things daily that nourish that seed?

If the answer is no, it’s ok because it’s never too late to restart.

I believe in you; you can do this!!


Your Transformation coach

Hannah xoxo