Little by little a little becomes a lot

Little by little a little becomes a lot

People think they need more intensity when in fact, they need consistency.

Going hard for a month vs. being consistent three days a week for a year

More intensity:

  • workout 6x week
  • Cutting out a food group
  • Losing 30lbs lbs in 30 days 
  • Eating 1200 calorie diets 


  • Moving your body 30-60mins every day for a year ( walks, weightlifting, cardio)
  • Losing .5-1lbs a week for a year 
  • Tracking your food on MFP for a year 
  • Drinking more water daily 
  • Going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Saying three things you are grateful for every day 

BIG results come from small actions 

It’s what you do daily that matters, set a goal for 12 months from now and see what small things you would have to do daily to end up at your destination in a year?

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