Focus on believing not doubting

It’s super important to realize that your focus will accelerate your result or decelerate. Something that made a big difference for me in my journey was understanding that what I focused on, I created more of in my life.

This is exciting and scary at the same time, and I learned that I had to train my mind to focus on everything I have and all the blessing I have, and I started to see more; I started to create more joy in my life.

There will be moments in your journey where you will experience doubt, but it’s super important in those moments to activate your faith and switch your focus. The best antidote for doubt is gratefulness and thankfulness.

I know there have been more times than not during my journey where I felt like doubt just took over all the time; what I had to do when this happened was find proof that the doubt was just fear trying to block me from believing.

That’s why morning routines and daily reflection are so important. You set your mind up to focus on everything you are and do have. Training your focus will not be easy because it takes daily and sometimes momentary practice; you must practice changing your focus from lack to abundance, from doubt to belief.

Another thing when it comes to focusing is patience; a lot of the time, when we start doubting, it is because things are not happening as fast as we think they should. Transformations take time and mean a lifetime; it’s never-ending.

My mission as a coach is to try and break diet culture, a diet mentality that says more and faster is better. Diet culture will make you believe weight loss happens fast and that the scale measures your success.

A successful transformation is when you start seeing this as a lifestyle; you start seeing yourself positively, your relationship with food gets better, your mental health is at its best, and you are focused on everything you are and have.


Girl, I believe in you, be kind and patient with yourself and just know I am here for you, and so is the whole FCB community. Never think you have to do this alone and never be afraid to say how your feel. When we talk about our fears or thoughts that seem overpowering, your coach or other women can shed the truth over those dark thoughts, and you will feel encouraged.


BELIEVE YOU CAN and you’re halfway there!


Coach Hannah