Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap

Never measure your progress by someone else’s ruler.



This is a dangerous trap, and it will leave you feeling depleted, defeated and depressed.


This journey is all about you; you can’t look at someone else’s journey and duplicate it; it doesn’t work like that.


Sure there are tips and certain things that may help but remember you are kind, and what works for someone else will not work for you.


You get to create your life, your best body for you. Dont try and look at how long it took someone else because when you do this, you lose your focus.


You need to focus on your goal, not what someone else is going.


Progress improves when progress is measured. This means your personal progress, not someone else’s.


That’s why there is a workout tracker and progress tracker in my PDS journal. It’s to help keep your focus on your goals and help you improve from the day before.


It’s ok for someone to inspire you, but dont measure that person’s journey for where you think you should be.


Your transformation coach