Control your thoughts

Do you have an alarm system for your mind?

Negative thoughts or thoughts that don’t serve you should activate your alarm system…. intruder, intruder…

One of the most freeing things to know is that you have the power over the thoughts you choose to believe.

The hard part comes when thoughts come to that try and take you away from your path, you have to be on constant guard over what you choose to think about and what thoughts you let stay.

Just like you wouldn’t let any random stranger in your house without inviting them in, thoughts work the same way.

Some thoughts come from what others say or what we watch on tv or some from our own limiting beliefs. You need to see the thoughts that don’t serve you as invaders in your mind. Don’t let them stay; kick them out. You need to protect yourself just as you would your own children.


When you take care of your thought life, you are taking care of those around you as well. WHY? because when you have a strong mindset, you can be strong for those in your care and atmosphere.


Remember, this is your story; YOU CHOOSE how it goes!!!

Your Transformation coach

Hannah xo