Consistency beats perfection

Consistency beats Perfection

Perfectionism can become your kryptonite if you let it. I used to be paralyzed in certain areas because I felt I had to do everything perfectly, and the thought of starting made me exhausted to the point I was scared even to start.

You will never do anything in life perfectly, but you can do it to the best that you can, and it’s your best that’s enough.

You may have days where you do your mindset work, your workouts are amazing, and you follow your nutrition to the T. But most days, you won’t have all three in-sink, and that’s ok because it’s all about the process. If we were perfect, there wouldn’t need to be a process.

It’s our job to always look for the good because we are trying, being ok when we mess up.

After all, that gives us room to improve and grow.

As long as each day you keep trying to get better than you were yesterday, you will improve and create consistent momentum in your journey.

Coach Hannah